Dekalb Agriculture Technology and Environment, Inc.

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The goal of Dekalb Academy of Technology and the Environment, Inc. is to educate a student population about the essential need to consider environmental ramifications of technology and other business decisions, via a hands-on, community-oriented instructional curriculum. The Academy will improve student achievement via a curriculum which:

  • Recognizes the important link between technology and the environment
  • Promotes higher order thinking skills – critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making
  • Motivates students by offering a real world context for learning
  • Engages learners in investigative, hands-on/minds-on, student-centered, and cooperative activities between industry and environmental groups
  • Advances educational reform goals
  • Correlates to state and national academic standards
  • Considers the environment in its totality, i.e., the co-existence of business and the environment
  • Promotes continuous lifelong learning


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Applicants are urged to read the items on the application carefully before answering them as directed.

Fill in the application accurately in your own handwriting or typeset.

The following items must be on file before your application can be processed:
– Completed Application
– Transcript verifying Bachelor’s Degree or higher
– If you are currently certified or in the process of being certified, please show proof of your
certificate or enrollment in an Education Prep Program.
– If a position becomes available that you are interested in, please write a letter of interest.
– If you are interested in multiple positions, write separate letters of each interest for each desired position.

Since we receive numerous applications for positions each year, it is not possible to notify each applicant concerning the status of his/her application. Applicants may call or write concerning the status of their application.

Applications will remain in our active file for one year only. If further consideration is desired the application must be renewed by June 1, of each year.

It is the policy of the Dekalb Academy of Technology and Environment Charter School Board of Directors to not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability, handicap in any of its educational programs, services, activities or employment practices.
* September 1, 2006, Georgia implemented the GACE series of educator assessments, newly aligned with state and national standards for educator preparation and with state standards for P-12 student curriculum (Georgia Performance Standards).


Our Board of Directors subscribes to the tenet that an outstanding education program in this Academy is dependent upon the employment and retention of the best-qualified professional personnel.

1. Selection of professional personnel shall be based on the following factors:

Certification by the Georgia Professional Standards.
Quality of past training and/or experience.
Demonstration of professional competencies.
Suitability for the position as it relates to present staff, instruction program and building organization for subject or grade level.
Demonstration lesson in selected classes.

2. All applicants must have an interview with a member of the administrative staff and a team of teachers before receiving a final appointment.

3. An applicant selected for employment will be notified by the Personnel Department. All professional personnel are employed subject to approval by the Board of Directors.


1. A Georgia Certificate/License is a prerequisite for employment.

2. Teachers who hold a valid certificate/license from another state and meet Georgia elementary or
secondary requirements.

3. Upon successful completion of appropriate test of GACE, your permanent certificate requirements will be

4. Please visit for details concerning Georgia Certification Standards